To Order 1-800-577-5694

          To Order 1-800-577-5694

      Van Deliveries

      With increased fuel prices and minimum shipping charges for even small orders of therapy items, it can be difficult to keep costs for clinical supplies at affordable prices. Advantage Medical helps you stay on top of pricing and on schedule with $2 delivery of rehab supplies to select facilities in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio on a 4-week repeating cycle.

      Our delivery personnel contact you each month to take your restocking order, deliver to-your-door with a friendly smile, and follow up to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases.

      Contact us if you’d like to be added to our delivery area. Van delivery is only available to professional healthcare locations.

      Just another Advantage to help you provide the best in patient care.

      Click Here to view the Van City List (Excel Document) and find out when we will be in your area with our 2018 Van Cycle Calendars below.

      2018 Van Cycle Calendar (All Cities – Text Form)