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      2018 ChiroCode® DeskBook

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      2018 ChiroCode® DeskBook

      Get paid & keep it!

      The ChiroCode DeskBook is your comprehensive go-to chiropractic reimbursement manual for the support you need to get paid properly and keep it. This comprehensive resource includes chapters on Insurance Reimbursement and Claims, Medicare, Compliance, Documentation, Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10-CM), Procedure Codes (CPT®), and Supply Codes (HCPCS).

      We are excited to also include in the 2018 edition:

      • Audit templates to help you perform your own internal audits
      • ICD-10 chapter with commonly used codes and tips for chiropractic offices
      • Annual update checklists for practical monthly compliance steps, including training
      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our HelpDesk, compiled into one handy reference

      ICD-10 NOTE: Not all ICD-10-CM codes are included in this publication. The ICD-10-CM Coding for Chiropractic contains more about diagnostic coding and includes a more comprehensive list of applicable codes for the chiropractic office and the instructional notations and guidelines to use them properly.


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