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      Accuray D60 Class IV Laser

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      Accuray D60 Class IV Laser

      The fabulous Accuray 60, with the fantastic new ICE software is truly the first new affordable 60w, dual wavelength laser to come along in years that offers superb treatment power, presets, a video library for patient education, a patient data base, and the Accuray 60 new “BLENDED-TURBO” treatment mode that automatically sets the parameters to be both a pulsed and continuous wave treatment. Or, choose fully pulsed or continuous wave, the choice is yours.

      Never before have treatments been easier or faster and the ICE soft ware (Intelligent Computer Enhancement) allows the doctor and staff to be treating in minutes, not hours or days. The pre downloaded video library allows patient education in easy to understand terms.

      Turbo Pulsing

      Turbo Pulsing is an extremely fast way of pulsing, similar to Super Pulsing, but at higher output values and thousands of pulses per second for maximum treatment and without the concern for thermal overload or tissue damage. When Turbo Pulsing starts during treatment, the joules counter increases rapidly, due to the doubling of the set power levels, showing advanced and expanded treatment energy being delivered to the tissue. This is TRUE super pulsing but on a higher, more technological level.

      Turbo pulsing then shuts off, and continuous wave runs for one minute until the next cycle of Turbo Pulsing starts. This procedure continues until the treatment times out. Turbo Pulsing is superior to straight super pulsing in the fact the laser diodes in both the Accuray Q45 and Accuray D60 are manufactured to perform at higher power settings. Most super pulsed lasers are only 500 mw and that is the limit of their available power.

      Both the ACCURAY Q45 and D60 offer this fantastic new treatment mode with the combination of Turbo Pulsing and continuous mode emissions. The Blended method of laser emission with Turbo Pulsed transmission gives the doctor or therapist another method of treatment that prevents tissue adaptation and increases healing to the optimal level.


      • Accuray 60 base unit
      • Accuray emitter
      • Safety key
      • Power cord
      • Pre loaded educational videos
      • ICE software
      • Patient data base
      • Certification course
      • 808 & 980nm wavelengths
      • Stainless steel carrying case
      • Two pair of laser goggles
      • Setup manual
      • Marketing kit
      • Phone consultation
      • Make and save your own treatments
      • Two year warranty
      • Administrator account
      • Fully adjustable treatment parameters


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