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      Accuflex Dyna Flex Manual Flexion Table

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      Accuflex Dyna Flex Manual Flexion Table

      Simplistic in design with features used every day by the most demanding doctor, and yet the Dyna Flex has the lowest price on the market of any manual flexion table. Rear lateral flexion with removable guide handle allows excellent ranges of motion and gives the doctor utmost control over the treatment.  The tilt headpiece with adjustable face cushions allows for comfort and optimized adjusting techniques.  The Dyna Flex is strong enough for any patient and will last for decades do to CNC and laser construction. 

      • Tilt headpiece
      • Adjustable face cushions
      • Rear lateral flexion
      • Adjustable ankle extension
      • Choice of fixed heights from 21 – 28” in one inch increments
      • Electric spring tension control
      • Choice of upholstery color
      • Paper guide bar, cutter, and holder
      • Removable guide-flexion handle

      Available Options

      • Dyna Flex Manual Flexion Table
      • Optional Forward Drop Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvic Drops
      • Optional Dual Drop Cervical When Ordered Together
      • Optional Elevating Center Column
      • Optional Electric Long Axis Distraction
      • Optional Two Distraction Strap Package
      • Optional Velcro Attached Cushion Covers


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