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      ALINE Laser Assessment System

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      ALINE Laser Assessment System

      The ALINE laser based fit device is an innovative system that gives you an easy to use lower extremity alignment assessment and education tool. It allows your patient to become part of the process and shows them instantly how the ALINE works.

      The Assessment system measures the patient for the proper size ALINE and assesses movement patterns of the foot and lower leg. This allows the patient to become engaged in the assessment process by visually seeing what the provider sees and allows the provider to customize the ALINE to the specific movements of the patient.

      Included in the ALINE Laser Assessment System

      • ALINE Measure Mat
        • Platform for the two laser devices
      • Laser Measurement Devices
        • Built in laser for clear reading of the body alignment
        • Easy to read size indicators
      • Fit Pack
        • Full size run of the product for fitting
        • Not for resale
      • Counter Display
        • Built in Stand &Brochure holder
        • Waiting room visibility
      • Brochures
        • Information on importance of body alignment
        • Sizing and information on ALINE



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