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      Aspen Medical Products® Evergreen™ 456 TLSO Thoracolumbar and Lumbar Support Brace

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       Aspen Medical Products® Evergreen™ 456 TLSO

      The Adjustable Evergreen™ 456 TLSO delivers effective pain relief along with thoracolumbar and lumbar support. This one size adjustable brace provides a level of support that brings the patient back to a functional midrange while promoting a dynamic environment for healing from complex spinal conditions. It also comfortably fits waists ranging from 28-54 inches and up to 64 inches with the extension panel resulting in a significant savings in inventory costs and space. The Evergreen™ 456 TLSO is now available in a NEW one size adjustable and the original sized version.

      Code LO456 Approved Custom Fit
      Code LO457 Approve Off the Shelf

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