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      biopharma® nanomeal® All-In-One Meal Replacement - 14.8 oz.

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      biopharma® nanomeal® All-In-One Meal Replacement - 14.8 oz - 10 Servings

      nanomeal® Protein Meal Replacement

      Convenient, Healthy All-in-one Meal Replacement Powder

      Eating a balanced diet is foundational to lifelong, energetic health, but your busy schedule doesn't always give you a chance to prepare (or even buy) a healthy meal. At BioPharma Scientific, they understand your dilemma, which is why they created nanomealG™, a daily all-in-one meal replacement powder. Skip the fast food and enjoy a tasty and healthy meal replacement shake to keep you feeling full and energized all day. Gone are the days of trying to tally up your foods, now you can be sure you are getting the nutrients you need and reap the benefits of nanopro, nanomega3, and nanogreens in an easy, portable packet filled with our protein meal replacement. This meal replacement powder comes in a yummy light flavor containing tropical notes of green apple, vanilla, orange, and pineapple.

      Save money and time without punishing your body by leaving a box of nanomeal meal replacement protein powder at your desk at work for lunch or throwing it in your suitcase for a trip out of town. Each box comes with 10 meal replacement

      Supersorb Technology added to ensure your body absorbs and utilizes every ingredient for better results.

      Product Details:

      Each box of nanomeal contains ten, 42 g travel packets. Each travel pack combines one 1 scoop each of nanogreens, nanopro and nanomega into one convenient anywhere, anytime daily all-in-one meal packet with:

      • 171 calories
      • The antioxidant power of 10 servings of superfood fruits and vegetables
      • 14g of lean, undenatured whey protein isolate (grass-fed, happy cows from New Zealand)
      • 7g fiber
      • Omega3 fatty acids from organic golden flax seed + DHA
      • No added sugar, low glycemic index
      • 5 vitamins and minerals

      Product Benefits:

      nanomeal supports:

      • Optimal immune system health
      • Weight management(add nanolean for even more weight loss benefits)
      • Detoxification
      • Digestive health
      • Brain health
      • Vision health
      • Joint health
      • Heart health
      • Healthy skin, hair, nails

      nanomeal also makes the perfect meal replacement for any weight loss program. Please see the science tab for a weight loss study on nanomeal and nanolean with Dr. Rah, Gastroenterologist in Irvine, CA.


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