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      BTrackS™ Sport Balance Software Only

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      BTrackS™ Sport Balance Software Only

      BTrackS™ software applications are user-friendly and easy to install on your existing PC, laptop or tablet computer. Each application provides valuable testing visuals, data analytics and profile management features that are customized for your specific testing needs. Software upgrades occur annually, with performance enhancements and new features driven by customer feedback.

      Balance changes are common following sports injuries, and balance testing is a key component of concussion testing protocols. With BTrackS™ Sport Balance, Sports Medicine Professionals no longer have to rely on subjective, unreliable and inaccurate visual testing methods such as the BESS to determine changes in balance following injury. Instead, BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides objective testing results in less than two minutes, allowing for more confident decisions to be made regarding an athlete’s balance status.

      The Sport Balance application has two purposes: first, injury and concussion management and second, general balance assessment.

      The BTrackS™ Balance Test

      A BTrackS™ Balance Test (BBT) is the standard testing protocol implemented by the BTrackS™ Sport Balance Software. A recent study published in the International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training shows that the BBT is twice as effective as the BESS method for concussion management.

      Concussion Management: Baseline and Post-Injury Testing

      At the beginning of the season, athletes should be baseline tested to obtain their BBT. For concussion management, an athlete’s post-injury BBT is compared to the athlete’s healthy baseline BBT. After an injury occurs, athletes can be retested on a regular basis and track their improvement through the process. Until the post-injury BBT consistently returns to the baseline range for the athlete, their balance is not back to baseline.

      Gender Normative Data

      For general balance assessment, each athlete’s BBT is compared to thousands of similar athletes that have been collected by Balance Tracking Systems since 2014 and they will be placed in a percentile ranking from 0-100. The age and gender based ranking, called the BBT Performance Ranking (BPR), is automatically displayed by the software. Using the BPR, athletes in the lower percentile rankings can be identified as candidates for balance improvement training.

      • Baseline Balance Assessment
      • Post-Concussion/Injury Evaluation
      • Return to Baseline Information
      • Printable Athlete Testing Reports
      • Age and Gender Percentile Rankings

      ** Sport Balance Software Only, Balance Plate not included**

      **To purchase the Standard BTrackS™ Balance Plate with Assess Balance Software see item 849-0712.**



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