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      CosMed Comfort Pillow

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      CosMed Deluxe Pillow with Detachable Customizable Neckroll

      This Doctor recommended unique pillow, with its well thought out shape and medical grade filler, is the answer to back sleeping, pain relief and recovery issues. Designed with soft and supportive crescent shaped side panels that embrace the head, promoting a face up position and enabling optimum neck and spine alignment.

      The only pillow with a detachable neckroll that can be snapped in two positions or removed and placed behind the patients’ neck for full adjustability. Its OptiAir Relief medical grade filler can easily be added to or removed to change the neckrolls circumference, enabling it to be adjusted and customized to the user’s neck size and curvature, for personalized comfort and support. The neckroll cover has a pocket to slip a hot/cold pack into, for pain relief and therapy use.

      With the neckroll removed the shape of the Pillow combined with the medical grade filler, which is provided by a leading manufacturer of pressure relief products, creates a quality pillow that can contribute to a healthier more restorative night’s sleep. The perfect marriage of function and comfort. By promoting back sleeping, neck and spine alignment can be optimized and pain relief and discomfort addressed. Swelling, if an issue, can be reduced by placing the CosMed Deluxe Pillow on additional traditional pillows for more elevation or under a knee for raised support. Supporting a face up position protects the surface of the face and helps provide the sleeping position doctors most recommend for recuperation from medical, dental and cosmetic procedures. The Pillow can also be used in two different positions to be further personalized to the users’ needs and comfort. The resilience of the filler combined with the side panels creates the perfect lumbar pillow as well, supporting correct posture while sitting in a car, at one’s desk or relaxing. With the neckroll detached the Pillow’s unique shape enables it to be multi-functional.

      • CosMed Deluxe Pillow is made in the USA from luxurious premium quality materials.
      • Filled with medical grade OptiAir Relief polyester cluster fiber with pressure relief attributes and loft maintaining qualities
      • The spandex custom contoured pillowcase which is included, is made from Cool-Wick IQ moisture wicking fabric is 40x more breathable and 40x cooler for optimum comfort
      • Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, antimicrobial and antibacterial for your wellbeing and sleep health
      • 100% washer and dryer safe, with warm water on gentle cycles, finish air dry
      • Size: 17” X 15” X 4 ½”
      • Weight: 1 lb. 7 oz.


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