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      Core® FootFlexor® Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) Foot Drop Brace

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      Core® FootFlexor® Ankle Foot Orthosis

      The FootFlexor® is a dynamic aid for foot drop and similar conditions for use by individuals that require dorsal flexion support. Helps improve walking, allows foot to perform naturally as you walk, and may help reduce the incidence of falls.


      • Works with any lace up shoe or boot – no need for an oversized shoe like with traditional standards AFOs
      • Soft and comfortable improvement to rigid AFOs
      • One size fits all and can be used on left or right foot
      • Durable, easy to use and fully adjustable – FootFlexor® fits all ankles, tension cord can be turned to obtain the desired tension and can be attached to various locations on the shoe to increase or decrease lateral support
      • Includes FootFlexor® wrap, tension cord, eyelet clips, and instructions


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