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      Game Ready Ice Machine System with Control Unit, Adapter and 6 inch Hose

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      Game Ready Cold and Active Compression Therapy System

      No one wants a prolonged recovery from musculoskeletal injuries or orthopedic surgery. For treatment and rehabilitation, the Game Ready System takes the proven RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) one step further. Game Ready simultaneously delivers adjustable cold therapy in conjunction with active pneumatic compression to make the rehabiltation process easier for everyone.
      Cold therapy has been shown to reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasms, but active compression helps the body heal.

      Active compression:

      • Enhances the effects of cold therapy
      • Mimics natural muscle contractions, “pumping” edema out of the injured area
      • Stimulates tissue healing
      • Increases blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the injury site
      • Optimizes lymphatic drainage

      Other product benefits:

      • Pneumatic compression improves contact between cold therapy and patient
      • Temperature adjustment capability
      • Four compression settings for varying patient needs:

        • No compression
        • Low compression (5-15 mm Hg)
        • Medium compression (5-50 mm Hg)
        • High compression (5-75 mm Hg)

      System includes:

      • Control Unit
      • AC Adapter
      • Connector Hose

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