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      Buy 12 Kinesio® Tex Gold™ Light Touch+ 2” x 16.4’ Rolls Get Pair of Kinesio® Pro Scissors Free

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      Buy 12 Kinesio® Tex Gold™ Light Touch+ 2” x 16.4’ Rolls Get Pair of Kinesio® Pro Scissors Free

      Kinesio Tex Light Touch+ (LT) tape is made for ALL skin types. It’s unique properties are ideal for pediatrics, geriatrics and anyone with sensitive skin. Its pastel color was chosen so it would not overstimulate the senses and create a calming effect. Its sponge like structure was constructed to mimic skin’s fascia layer. This mimicking effect trains the skin to return to its normal structure; similar to memory foam. Kinesio Tex Light Touch+ (LT) tape is specifically used for some specialty taping applications due to its gentle and fascia targeted characteristics.

      Recommended for single day use

      The Micro-Air-Pockets create space in the tape’s adhesive. These gaps leave less area and points for the adhesive to adhere to the skin. The tape can last for multiple days, but may only stick for approximately one day. This also allows for the tape to be lightly removed from the skin.

      Kinesio Tex Light Touch+ tape may be used for the treatment of acute, subacute and chronic ailments. The affects of Classic, Gold FP & Performance+ tapes penetrate deep tissue skin layers as compared to Light Touch+ which mainly effects the superficial skin layers.

      Available Colors

      • Kinmokusei Orange
      • Take Green
      • Fuji Purple
      • Sakura Pink
      • Himawari Yellow
      • Ajisai Blue

      Kinesio® Professional Taping Scissors with Holster

      Kinesio® Pro Scissors are made from high quality carbon stainless steel which keeps the blade razor sharp for years. Specially coated with black carbon and with a fluorine resin which enables the blades to cut clean, quick and easy without leaving any residue. The scissors will never gum up and always remain sharp.
      Includes protective holster.

      Kit Includes:


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