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      BIOTONE® Smoothing Massage Butter® 125 oz

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      BIOTONE® Smoothing Massage Butter® 125 oz

      Unscented, luxuriously silky, this ultra-hydrating massage butter contains pure African Shea Butter, and replenishing oils of Jojoba, Avocado, Peach and Sunflower. Wheat Amino Acids and Beta Glucan are specially added to protect the skin while retaining moisture.

      Note: Smoothing Massage Butter is not pumpable.

      Key Ingredients

      Shea Butter, jojoba, Avocado, Peach Oil, Sunflower Oils; Vegetable Glycerin, Wheat Amino Acid, and Hydrating Beta Glucan

      • Absorbency with workability
      • Soothe, tone & soften
      • Protect skin and retain moisture

      Glide Guide Modalities

      • Swedish Massage
      • Sports Massage
      • Physical Therapy
      • Fascial Kinetics
      • Aromatherapy


      • Unscented
      • Nut-Oil Free
      • Essential Oils Compatible

      Shelf: Life: 18 months


      The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that MSDS/SDS be available to employees for potentially harmful substances handled in the workplace under the Hazard Communication regulation.

      Material Safety Data Sheet / Safety Data Sheet


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