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      TheraGun® G2Pro™ Percussive Therapy Device - Massager Tool

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      TheraGun® G2Pro™

      Neuro-muscular treatment device with 2,000-2,500 RPM. Calibrated by a physician with the precise frequency, amplitude, and torque to achieve the most effective percussive vibration therapy. TheraGun G2PRO is the only product on the market with a 16mm amplitude combined with 2,400 percussions per minute.

      The unique combination of frequency, amplitude and torque inhibits the brain from sensing pain signals from the muscle, allowing for a deeper and longer muscle treatment. The increased muscular blood flow produces numerous benefits for athletes, driving improved performance, lowering warm up times and enhancing recovery.

      When fully charged the G2PRO battery will last up to 45 minutes (depending on use). The LithiumTech batteries take approximately 50 minutes to charge.

      AmpBITS (Amplitude Blood Flow Increased Treatment)

      Each G2PRO comes with 4 AmpBITs to help provide different treatment applications with the same device. AmpBITs are uniquely shaped foam attachments designed to treat your muscles firmly, yet comfortably.

      • The standard ball is ideal for general everyday usage
      • The large ball is ideal for larger muscle groups such as the quads and glutes, and for extreme muscle joint and soreness
      • The cone is ideal for trigger points and small muscle areas like the feet and wrists
      • The Dampener is ideal for sensitive muscles or bony areas that require less impact

      How to Use

      Start the G2PRO before contact is made with the body. Slowly begin to apply light pressure and move G2PRO across the body, keeping the G2PRO on an individual body part for 60-90 seconds. A full body session should not exceed 15 minutes.


      • G2PRO Unit
      • Deluxe protective carrying case
      • (4) AmpBITs (Standard, Large, Cone, Dampener)
      • (2) Rechargeable LithiumTech battery packs
      • Lithium-ion charger
      • 1 year warranty


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