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      Theragun G3 Handheld Percussive Massager

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      Theragun® G3

      Your essential companion for complete, whole body healing, recovery and deep muscle treatment. Releases tightness, knots and spasms. Speeds up muscle activation and recovery. The G3’s 40 lbs pf force instantly relieves soreness, muscle tightness and breaks up knots without stalling. Optimize warmup by improving muscle coordination and range of motion in just 30 seconds. Activate tired muscles and feel re-energized with the G3. Treat sore muscles post-workout to accelerate muscle repair and recovery. No foam roller needed.


      • 2 speeds: standard deep treatment speed and a lighter speed for use on sensitive sore areas.
      • Includes 4 Pro attachments and is compatible with all available Pro attachments.
      • Superior build & elegant design
      • Ergonomic handle and various grips allow you to float the G3 over muscles for easy relief with minimal work.


      • G3
      • Travel Case
      • Travel Charger
      • Dampener Attachment - for tender areas or near bones
      • Standard Ball Attachment - for overall use
      • Thumb Attachment - lower back and trigger point therapy
      • Cone - Pinpoint muscle treatment


      • Muscle Treatment Depth: 16mm
      • Stall Force 40 lbs
      • Speed: 40 & 29 percussions per second
      • Professional grade plastic composite frame
      • Industrial grade Japanese motor
      • Battery Life: 60 minute built in battery life
      • Battery Type: Lithium-ion 3-cell


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