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          To Order 1-800-577-5694

      MedZone® Pain Relief, Blister Prevention & Skin-chafing Protection Supplies

      ChafeZone®, BurnZone®, PainZone®, and BlisterZone® have proven to help triathletes, cyclists, team athletes, dancers, rodeo contestants, hikers, swimmers, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse players, BMX riders, motorcycle riders, industrial athletes, and with other high-intensity activities. Whether you chafe, suffer from chub rub, sunburn, windburn, blisters, aches, back pain, or have arthritis, one of our products can help you.

      MedZone® products are made in the USA and used regularly by medical professionals, active individuals, and athletes in a variety of sports and for a wide variety of conditions. MedZone® began working with Doctor's of Chiropractic to offer PainZone® to the patients of Chiropractors around the USA. PainZone® is not available in mass retail or pharmacies, but can be found at your local chiropractor.

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