About Advantage Medical

Advantage Medical was established in 1994 to meet the growing needs of rehab professionals in a variety of medical disciplines. Creating this new company from a previously-owned business, founder Jeff Worrell committed to helping clients improve clinical outcomes and enhance their business growth and profitability. As a result, Advantage Medical has become a leading provider of expert advice as well as quality therapy equipment and supplies, offering innovative solutions to challenges faced by physical therapists, clinic directors, chiropractors, athlete trainers and other medical professionals.

Serving PT patients in its central Indiana retail store sparked the concept in 2002 of Help for Home, a therapy supply kiosk provided and stocked by Advantage Medical. Help for Home retail cabinets are located on site in PT clinics nationwide for convenient dispensing of home therapy supplies to patients—resulting in better patient outcomes and a better bottom line for clinics, who earn points for clinical supplies through sales.

Requests for help in expanding existing clinics or setting up new ones led Advantage Medical to establish its Rehab Ready program in 2005. Advantage Medical’s industry experience and comprehensive approach helps rehab professionals plan, organize, prepare, order, deliver, install, setup and train for everything from a completely new clinic to a single piece of equipment.

The Fixed Cost Advantage supply program is Advantage Medical’s newest concept for innovation and savings in therapy supplies, reducing clinical supply costs to a low, predictable cost per patient.

In October of 2010, Advantage Medical joined the family of Scrip Companies of Bolingbrook, IL as an operating division. Now with access to a wider variety of products and large scale purchasing power, Advantage Medical is poised to raise the level of value we bring to our clients. Scrip Companies serves markets in massage therapy, chiropractic, spa and now physical therapy.

Recognized for its best practices, Advantage Medical has received numerous awards from manufacturers, customers and independent organizations. Recent awards include:

  • Friend of Physical Therapy Award, Indiana Chapter of the APTA
  • Blue Chip Enterprise Award, Mass Mutual Insurance Company
  • Vendor of the Year, St. Joseph Memorial Hospital
  • Independent Dealer of the Year, Iomed Corporation
  • Dynatronics Rookie of the Year 2010
  • #1 Motion1 Iontopatch Sales
  • “Big Dog” Award from CORE Products
  • 2nd Place, Kinesio Sales Award 2010