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      CBD oil has been investigated for years due to its healing capabilities, and today, it is finally available for massage therapists, spas, salons, and consumers. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or you want to stock your clinic with powerful healing and energizing options, our selection of CBD products and supplements can help. Oral Uses We’re proud to offer a wide range of oral CBD products that can be taken on their own or added to meals and beverages. CBD capsules can be swallowed easily with a sip of your favorite beverage, and tinctures and oils can be taken directly or added to other dishes. Gummies and sublingual oils are also available. Topical Products At Massage Warehouse, we offer a number of topical CBD products, including balms, face creams, skin creams, patches, gel pens, massage oils and creams. Topical application is ideal for treating skin health conditions, but also for addressing muscle pain, arthritis pain, and other conditions. Other CBD Products CBD is not just good for human beings, but also for the animals that fill our lives with joy. We offer several different CBD products designed to support the health and wellness of your pets.

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