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      Acupuncture Needles and Supplies

      Acupuncture needles and supply choices are basic necessities for any practicing acupuncturist. By providing plenty of options, this section allows any professional to find acupuncture needles and supply options that will suit any practice and any acupuncture treatment.

      Acupuncture Ear Seeds A-6 200/Box
      Multi-Purpose Acupuncture Machine 808-I
      Pointer Plus Lt Hand Held Stimulator
      Aps Dry Needles Box/100-0.25"X 25Mm RedNew
      Myotech Dry Needles Bx/100 - 0.30Mm X 75MmNew
      Longevity 14 Piece Glass Cupping Set
      Pure Moxa Rolls
      Gua Sha Instrument
      Chosei-Kyu Stick On Moxa, 0.2"Dia X 0.4"L, Box/100
      White Silicone Cupping Set
      Lhasa Angle Tip Pin Nedle Forceps 4.5"
      Cup N Stim
      As low as $9.79
      Human Body Model 10" - Acupunture Point Model
      Myotech Dry Needles Bx/100 - 0.25Mm X 40MmNew
       Awq-104L Four Output W/Digital Meter Acu DeviceNew
      Female Body Model 19" - Acupunture Point Model
      Male Body Model 20" - Acupunture Point Model
       Foot Model - Acupunture Point Mode
      Hand Model - Acupunture Point Model
      Head Model - Acupuncture Point Model
      Large Ear Model With Stand And Manual - Acupunture Points Model