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      New Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Supplies

      At Advantage Medical, we are dedicated to providing the newest rehabilitation supplies to physical therapists, as well as other health practitioners and caregivers, at economical prices. You can find many large and small pieces of physical therapy equipment in our inventory, from exercise bikes and treadmills to topical pain relievers and foam rollers. A large selection of the smaller items also come in different sized packages, so you can order the number of items required for your individual needs and the needs of your clients.

      Lab Blends Cbd Pain Relief Max Str Cream - 1.76OzNew
      Lab Blends Cbd Massage Cream - 7.2 OzNew
      Lab Blends™ CBD Massage Balm - 11.6 ozNew
      Dynarex Medi-Cut Sterile Safety Scalpel #10New
      Richmar Super Stim 3"X3.5" Rectangle 4/PkNew
      Co-Lastic Cohesive Bandage - Tan 4"X5 Yard EachNew
      Econo-Paste® Conforming Paste Bandages – 4” x 10 yds. (10cm x 9m)New
      Accutouch Chemo Nitrile Exam GlovesNew
      Accutouch Chemo Nitrile Exam GlovesNew
      Hartmann® Non-Woven Padding Bandage – 4” x 3.8 yds New
      Accutouch Chemo Nitrile Exam GlovesNew
      Hydrotac Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing - 4" X 4" BxNew
      RockSauce IceNew
      As low as $13.49
      Mckesson Sterile Water For Irrigation, 500MlNew
      Omnifix Dressing Retention Tape 2" X 10Yrds EachNew
      Skin-Prep Protective Barrier Wipes, Box/50New
      Moject Rigid Pack Syringes 35MLNew
       Flexicol Latex Free Sterile Hydro Drssing 4X4 EachNew
      FlexiCol® Hydrocolloid Dressing – 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) EachNew
      Artiflex® Padding Bandage Undercast 5.9” x 3.3 Yard Non-SterileNew
      Orthopedic Adhesive FeltNew
      Medi-Pak Irrigation Solution, Sodium Chloride, 0.9% Foil CupsNew
      Sharps Conainer- 1 Quart StackableNew
       Omnifix Dressing Retention Tape 4" X 10Yrds EachNew
      Sorbalgon Ag New
      Stat Patch Box Of 6New
      Mary's Nutritionals Elite Patches 10Mg 2"X2" EachNew
      Richmar Multistim Cloth Electrodes 3"RoundNew
      Proximel Silicone Dressing W/BorderNew
      Therabath Paraffin Beads Scentfree 6lbsNew
      Sharps Container 1 Gallon Stackable EachNew
      Hand Sanitizer Purell® Advanced Alcohol (Ethyl) Gel Pump BottleNew
      Isotoner Therapeutic Open Finger Gloves LargeNew
      Gingher Heavy Duty ScissorsNew
      Sanitizing Skin Wipe Sani-Hands® ALC Canister Alcohol UnscentedNew
      Pandemic Precaution KitNew
      Sorbalgon Ag New
      Sorbalgon 6"X6" Calcium Alginate Dressing Box/5New