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      New Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Supplies

      At Advantage Medical, we are dedicated to providing the newest rehabilitation supplies to physical therapists, as well as other health practitioners and caregivers, at economical prices. You can find many large and small pieces of physical therapy equipment in our inventory, from exercise bikes and treadmills to topical pain relievers and foam rollers. A large selection of the smaller items also come in different sized packages, so you can order the number of items required for your individual needs and the needs of your clients.

      Rocksauce 3 oz. Roll-onSale
      Theraband Clx AnchorNew
      Smead 2018 Yearband Red/White 1"X 1/2"New
      2018 Icd-10 Coding For ChiropracticNew
       2018 Chirocode DeskbookNew
      KT Tape® KT Recovery+™ Recovery Patches – 4 PackNew
      KT Tape® Pro Extreme™ Precut Kinesiology Strips 10" 20 CtNew
      Tiger Balm Patch 12 Ct DisplayNew