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          To Order 1-800-577-5694

      Amrex Electrotherapy Equipment

      AMREX Electrotherapy has been a manufacturer of therapy equipment for over 75 years. We are committed to providing the Health Care Industry with the most complete line of products and accessories. We serve our customers needs by striving to supply the most affordable and the best quality ultrasound, diathermy and electrotherapy modalities in our industry.

      Amrex Muscle Stims Cord
      2" Flextrode Electrode For Pin Lead
      4" Flextrode Electrode For Banana Lead
      Amrex Ms322 Low Volt A.C. Muscle Stim, 2-Pad
      Amrex Ms324a Low Volt A.C. Muscle Stimulator
      Amrex Lvg325a Low Voltage Galvanic Stimulator
      Biphasic/Mono Phasic Stimulator
      Synchropulse Hv752 High Voltage Pulsed D.C. Stim
      Amrex Z-Stim If 150 Interferential Unit
      Interferential/Russian Stim If250
      Amrex Synchrosonic U/50 Ultrasound