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          To Order 1-800-577-5694

      Aspen Medical Products Back Braces & Lumbar Support Belts

      Aspen Medical Products has introduced a continuous flow of pioneering spinal Chiropractic bracing products to the Chiropractic marketplace. Aspen Medical Products has expanded into lower spine as well as cervical spine, bringing over a dozen products to market. ScripHessco is proud to carry lines such as: Peak Scoliosis, Horizon and Evergreen. All of Aspen Medical Product’s braces are coded and billable for reimbursement.

       Aspen Horizon 627 Lumbar Brace
      Aspen Evergreen 631 LSO LoProSale
      $149.99 $89.99
      Aspen Horizon 631 LSO BraceSale
      $179.99 $159.99
      Aspen Horizon 637 LSO BraceSale
      $224.99 $187.99
      Aspen Horizon 456 TLSO BraceSale
      $249.99 $224.99
      Aspen Horizon Extension Panel Set
      Aspen Evergreen 627 Lumbar BraceSale
      $85.99 $77.39
      Aspen Evergreen 637 LsoSale
      $199.99 $105.99