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      Finger Splints, Hand Braces & Thumb Splints

      The finger splints we carry at Advantage Medical provide the specialized support needed for the small joints of the fingers and thumb. Our hand splints help ease the pain from arthritis, are easy to apply and adjustable. Versatile and durable, our splints can be worn full time or as needed. Buy Broken Finger Splints, Thumb Splint & Hand Splints.

      3 Point Oval 8 Individual Finger Splint
      As low as $11.99
      3 Point Products ThumSling
      As low as $27.99
      Mueller Thumb Stabilizer
      Isotoner® Therapeutic Open Finger Glove
      Isotoner® Therapeutic Open Finger Gloves - Small
      Silopad™ Digital Caps, 2x-large (8/Pk.)
      Silopad™ Digital Caps, Mesh (8/Pk.) - Beige
      Alphastrap Beige 1 In X 60 Ft
      3pp® U Wrap
      Ultra Suede Finger Slings
      Oval-8 Splint Sizing Set
      3 Point Products ThumSaver MP
      As low as $36.99
      Swede-O Thermal Vent Universal Thumb Spica
      Velcro® Loop - 2in. x 25yd
      Orfit® Colors NS
      3pp® Final Flexion Wrap™ (Pk/5)
      Silipos® Ambidextrous Carpal Gel Sleeve
      3pp® Finger Trapper™ Package of 5
      Garment Half Arm Sleeve
      Oval 8 Pediatric Splint Kit
      Oval 8 Kit