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      Airex Balance Pad - Stability Trainer

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      Airex Balance Pad

      Perfect when first introducing balance challenge to a fitness or therapy program. The unique closed-cell structure of the pad makes it durable, washable and impervious to water. Plus, it has a smooth, non-slip surface. Measures 16.4" x 20" x 2.5". Blue.

      Details for airex Balance-pad

      The AIREX Balance products are active therapy and training devices made of the familiar soft AIREX foam material. The Balance Pad with its smooth surface is ideal for starting out with barefoot balance training. The thickness of 6 cm gives the Balance Pad the desired destabilising characteristics. Due to the yielding foam, the body is constantly challenged in order to maintain balance and stabilise the joints. This exercises more and deeper muscles compared to performing the same exercises without the Balance Pad. Training with the Balance Pad can purposefully improve conditional and coordinative abilities in combination, for example strength, endurance, differentiation and balance. Due to the comfortable, smooth surface, the Balance Pad is not entirely slip-resistant on smooth floors. We therefore recommend an AIR-EX mat underneath as the ideal complement.


      How to care for your Airex balance pad

      AIREX Balance products are ideal for co-ordination or balancing exercises.  Prior to use the floor should be tested for glide resistance, in case a non-slip underlay should be used (e.g. AIREX mat).


      Major emphasis is placed on functionality with ultrasoft products. A special manufacturing process is necessary to achieve softness and the wobble effect. Sometimes there are slight imperfections among these products, such as occasional surface bubbles, slight deviations in dimensional tolerances and slight differences in colour nuances. However, this affects in no way the function of these products.


      AIREX closed-cell soft foams do not absorb any water and possess permanent surplus buoyancy in water. These extremely robust and wear-resistant materials lose pressure (as do balloons) when the cellular bodies are subjected to long periods of pressure. Pressure points generally slowly recover.

      AIR-EX balance pads soft foams are treated with antimicrobial finishing for permanent and effective protection against bacteria and fungi.



      Soiled pads are best treated with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Stains and other marks should not be treated with solvents, alcohol or stain remover. lf disinfection is required, commercial disinfectants can be used, e.g. Merfen, Descogen or Chromium. AIR-EX balance products should not be sterilized with hot steam (autoclaving) or hot water.


      AIR EX Balance products are best stored flat. To avoid pressure, do not store any objects on top of them. Continuous pressure lasting for more than approximately 12 hours should be avoided. Storing them in bent fashion (e.g. hung over a washing line) will leave visible pressure points which will never completely recover. Constant storage in water or long periods of direct sunlight will shorten the life of the products, causing the surface to become brittle and stiff over time.

      To lengthen product life, we recommend rinsing them after use with fresh water, shaking off excess water and allowing them to air dry (because of pressure points, never over a radiator, etc.). Damp products should never be stored in lockers or stacked in confined spaces.





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