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      Baseline Clean Wheel Sterile Disposable Pinwheel 36/Box

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       Neurological Pinwheel - Clean wheel Disposable - Sterile:

      Use the pinwheel to elicit cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses. Disposable sterile unit made of plastic.

      Doctors have been using neurological pinwheels for decades to test a patients ability to feel sensation over a particular area of skin. Loss of feeling over an area alert the doctors to the probability of nerve function loss, which in turn helps the doctor to determine the further diagnostic studies and/or appropriate care needed for a myriad of possible causes.

      Today, doctors continue to use non-sterile metal pinwheels, safety pins or paper clips for sensitivity testing. These practices bring up serious cross-infection ramifications regarding bothtopical and bloodborn pathogens as well as reliability concerns with patient response to testing.

      36 Count.


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