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      Chattanooga® Continuum™ Kit

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      Chattanooga® Continuum™ Kit

      A portable 2 channel stimulator used by therapists in clinics and patients at home to provide electrical stimulation treatments in pain management (TENS) and neuro muscular stimulation (EMS/NMES). By combining TENS with NMES, users can simultaneously help manage pain and enhance exercise, thereby shortcutting the traditional muscle recovery cycle. Factor in a choice of program options including customizable waveforms, and you have a highly versatile and user-friendly rehabilitation tool that can help deliver optimal therapeutic outcomes.

      Product Features

      • 2 separate channels that can be managed independently. Users can select either the same program on both channels, or 2 different programs to be used simultaneously
      • 3 pre-programmed and 2 custom regimens for NMES and TENS. Modify treatment time, waveform type (Symmetrical or Asymmetrical), pulse rates and durations (widths), cycling type, off times, channel ramp times, and on time
      • Balanced waveforms that deliver muscle stimulation that is powerful whilst remaining comfortable
      • The handheld remote trigger can be used to easily activate stimulation, either by the clinician at a distance, or by the patient
      • When placed inside the user's shoe, this optional heel switch can be used to trigger muscle stimulation
      • A simple belt clip that fits over a belt or waistband
      • Built-in, pull-out kick stand
      • Continuum runs on a pair of standard AA batteries
      • FDA Class II
      • IP Class IP22
      • Dimensions - 1.26” x 3.3” x 4.5”

      Kit Includes:

      • Continuum™ device
      • Set of 2 pin cables
      • Transportation pouch
      • Hand switch
      • User manual and practice guide


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