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      Clinic® Thermoplastic Splint Sheet – 1% Perf, 18” x 24” x 1/8”

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      Clinic® Thermoplastic Splint Sheet – 1% Perf, 18” x 24” x 1/8”

      Easily stretches and molds around contours for the most intimate fit.

      Resistance to Stretch

      • Minimum resistance to stretch.
      • When gently pulled, will not stretch or thin uncontrollably during the molding process.
      • Handle on a horizontal plane and form the splint in a gravity-assisted position.


      • Moderate drape and excellent reproduction of detail with gentle handling.
      • Superior conformability without stretching.


      • Minimum memory when stretched.
      • Molded shape remains in place without any need to hold it while it cools. Splints will hold their shape when mildly reheated.


      • Maximum rigidity.
      • Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity.


      • Traditional coating has a light tack that holds the material in place. Use over bandages with minimal adherence.
      • A wet bond will hold but can be pulled apart once cooled, if necessary.
      • Dry heating two surfaces will form a strong bond.
      • For a permanent bond, use solvent or scrape off the coating. Dry heat and press together firmly.

      Surface Finish

      • Resists fingerprints when handled lightly.
      • Lightly heat and rub to remove marks.
      • Self-sealing cut edges remain smooth, closed and rounded even when reheated.


      • Ideal for all upper extremity splints, bases for dynamic splints and positioning splints where an intimate fit is required. Makes great immobilization splints, especially for the hand, wrist and fingers.
      • Handle using light, smoothing strokes. Allow gravity to do the work. Once positioned, splints remain in place, needing only minimal contact to form. Ideal for sensitive joint or skin conditions or post-surgery.

      Working time (1/8")

      • Allows three to five minutes to form and harden after softening in 160° F (71° C) water.

      Latex Free


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