Dynamic Tape Single Roll 2" Tattoo Design

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Dynamic Tape® Single Rolls 2”

The Tape You Have Been Waiting For…

Dynamic Tape® is not a kinesiology or athletic tape. It is a Biomechanical Tape, and entirely new category of sports and therapeutic taping. Biomechanical Tapes consists of innovative, 4 way stretching tapes with strong elastic resistance and recoil of varying grades that absorb and inject force to reduce the workload on the body. The Biomechanical Taping Methodology is designed to manage load, manage movement patterns, manage function. Dynamic Tape® is a revolution in biomechanical taping. It does all this with a soft and breathable tape that is of such high quality and strength that professional athletes around the world trust to use their product every day. From rehabilitation to the World Cup, Dynamic Tape is changing the way we look at sports and therapeutic taping.

Different Aims, Different Materials, Different Properties, Different Mechanisms = Different Application

Dynamic Tape® has a very strong resistance and recoil (12-15kg with a PowerBand) throughout its entire range which allows it to generate a genuine deceleration force and load absorption, store the energy at end of range and then re-inject it back into the system to assist shortening, all without restricting motion.

It is not designed to go on like a kinesiology tape, at the end of range to lift skin, create space and have its effects primarily via neurophysiological means. It is designed to go on in inner or mid-range with tension to provide a mechanical resistance which preliminary research shows can successfully change position, movement patters and movement velocity as well as create significant compression.

The strong forces necessary to create these direct mechanical effects need to be attenuated to ensure good adhesion and to avoid blisters on the skin. Do not apply like a kinesiology tape or problems will arise.

Grades: Dynamic Tape® comes in three different grades with differing resistance and recoil attributes.

  • Beige with Beige Tattoo – has strong elastic resistance and recoil suitable for biomechanical taping. It can also be laminated into a PowerBand to create a very strong resistance and recoil when required.
  • Beige with Black Tattoo - generally exhibits a stronger resistance and recoil properties. It has a very good energy storage and release capacity which is enhanced as a PowerBand. This makes it ideal for musculotendinous applications like muscle tears and tendinopathies and also for large multi-joint applications.
  • Dynamic Tape® Eco Black with Grey Tattoo - has a higher elastic modulus so hits a much higher resistance much sooner in its range. This makes it ideal for applications where there is little movement but high resistance is desirable, i.e. joint glides and ligaments. It also has slightly less recoil to allow for stabilizing applications which enhance force closure but with less risk of compromising circulation and neural function.
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