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      Bamboo-Fusion® Warm Bamboo Stick Set

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      Bamboo-Fusion® Warm Bamboo Stick Set

      "Go Green" with 100% solid bamboo massage tools. Learn a new, luxurious massage modality using bamboo of various shapes and sizes. They have a light protective coating on them (no varnish).  This set is designed to be warmed and used directly on the skin in conjunction with your favorite massage lotion, crème or oil. Easy on your hands and wrists. Ideal for all treatment modalities including deep tissue and full body. For best results, warm your Bamboo Fusion Warm Bamboo Sticks with an Electric Moist Heating Pad.

      Set includes:

      • 8 piece stick set
      • 2 tapotement wraps
      • Carry Bag

      Dimensions of the high quality bamboo tools:

      • 4 Halves cut: 6” long and 1.5” wide
      • 1 Master piece: 16”long and 1.5” wide
      • 1 Mini master: 6” long and 1.5” wide
      • 2 Tapotements sticks: 16” long and 0.5” wide with face cloth wrapped


      • 60 Day Warranty

      How do you clean and sanitize the bamboo:

      • After each treatment, use anti-bacterial wipes, that are safe for use on hands and face, to wipe down each piece. (no harsh chemicals or bleach). Change the pillow case on the heating pad just as you would your table linens. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties. It contains silica and is very dense.


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