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      American 3B Scientific Products

      3B Scientific is the world’s leading manufacturer of anatomical and biological teaching aids for science, training and patient education. The excellent quality of 3B Scientific® Products, manufactured by skilled and trained personnel, the extremely competitive value plus the uncompromising flexibility of processing the global customer requirements are the essential factors accounting for steadily increasing success. And that is what 3B stands for: Best Quality, Best Value, Best Service.

      Shoulder Joint
      Functional Knee Joint Model
      Right Flexible Foot & Ankle SkeletonSale
      $104.94 $90.89
      Deluxe Functional Knee Joint Model
      Vertebral Column & Femoral Heads
      Super Human Skeleton Model "Sam" with Pelvic Roller Stand
      Fred-The Flexible Skeleton W/5' Roller Stand
      Classic Flexible Spine with Femur Heads and Painted Muscles
      Disarticulated Half Skeleton - Right
      Disarticulated Skeleton Fully Painted
      Stan-Standard Skeleton W/Pelvic Roller Stand
      Stan The Standard Skeleton W/Hanging Roller Stand