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      Biphasic/Mono Phasic Stimulator

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      Amrex Bi-Phasic/Mono-Phasic Stimulator

      The MS401B is a quad-channel, eight-pad stimulator that provides both mono-phasic and biphasic stimulation. Output modes include continuous, surge, or reciprocal. The MS401B features selectable frequency, On duration, Off duration, and reciprocal duration.
      The MS401B stimulator incorporates a unique safety reset function as part of the intensity controls.
      Designed to promote patient assurance, the patient controlled treatment stop switch allows the patient to discontinue stimulator output at the press of a button.
      The MS401B is equipped with a full accessory pack that enables the practitioner numerous treatment possibilities.
      The MS401B features a 30-minute timer, a carrying handle, and detachable power cord.

    • Quad channel, 8 pad stimulator
    • Mono phasic / Bi phasic
    • Continuous, surge, and reciprocal output modes
    • Selectable pulse rate (1-160Hz)
    • Selectable surge On duration
    • Selectable surge Off duration
    • Selectable reciprocal duration
    • Intensity reset circuit
    • Patient "treatment stop" switch
    • 30 minute timer
    • Flextrode pads and covers
    • Two Year Warranty - Generator - Parts and labor

    • *This item must be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional.


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